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About the game

AcolyteFight! is a new magical multiplayer .io game! In which you are fighting in the arena with other players or even your friends! Choose between many speels and fight! Defeat enemies using skills like for example fireballs! Only the best player will win! You have to be good at aiming, dodging and hiding! This is the new way to fight! Show your skill and find the perfect combination of speels! Get onto the top of the leaderboard! You are the king now! Do you think that you are good? Well, play and check!

How to play in

Choose speels for your character, you can choose between 30+ speels! Aim at your enemy and shoot! But remember! You and your enemy move fast so try to shoot there where your enemy is going! Dodge your enemy shoots! Choose your own playstyle! Find and make the best combination! You should practice with bots to get onto the top! Play with your friends and dominate them! Here you can practice your aiming skills! This is a real arena!

Controls in the game

Aim - Mouse
Move - Mouse
Speels - Keyboard
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