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About the game is a new agario-styled funny .io game! In which you can choose between 3 animals at the start! These animals are in cube form! Fight with other players on the map! The player that score 1000 points first will win! You have to be quick and sneaky! Develop new unique tactics for yourself to win! In this game, you will find many funny sounds like for example fart sound when boosting! If you are big enough you can eat other players! Dominate them! Everyone is your enemy so you have to fight! Beware of bigger players and try to score 1000 points first!

How to play in

Your job is to move around the map and to eat the food! You can eat apples or meat if you want to get more points! Grow yourself to become the biggest! The bigger you are the more players you can eat! Fight with your enemies and beware of mushrooms! If you will eat mushroom you will drop your food! You have to collect it fast because other players probably want to eat that! You can bait bigger players on the mushrooms! It would be helpful if you are small! Find new tactics for yourself and get onto the top of the ranking!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Boost - Space
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