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About the game Biome3D

Biome3D is an clone but in a 3-D graphics! This game compared to other agario-styled .io games is really similar to the mother of games called! Play online with players from all around the world! Your mission is to grow your ball to become the largest on the server! Also, try to collect as many points as you can to get onto the top of the leaderboard! Show off your skills and manage how to survive as long as you can! This is a free-for-all multiplayer arena so there is no mercy! Everyone is your enemy! Better watch out!

How to play in Biome3D

At the start of the game, you should collect some small points that you can find on the map! There are spawned randomly and for each eaten point, you will get a certain amount of mass! The more mass you will have the higher placed in the leaderboard you will be and also your ball size will increase! Try to become the biggest ball on the entire server! Remember to be careful and to develop new tactics in order to win! You have an opportunity to absorb other players but remember that you have to be bigger than them!

Controls in the game Biome3D

Moving - Mouse
Camera - A, D
Split - Space

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