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About the game Curvytron

Curvytron is a new snake inspired multiplayer free-for-all .io game! In which you will be taking control of a small dot! This game is really similar to the CurveFever classic game! Your snake will grow in time and you have to move him to not collide with walls and other players! Comparing to other snakes .io games this game is really unique! Here you don't have to control a classic snake! It's a real-time battle with other players from all around the world! You can also invite your friends and play on a public or private lobby! This game will offer you a lot of good time!

How to play in Curvytron

At the beginning of the game, you should adjust the settings for your playstyle! You can choose your own name, you have an option to change the snake color and the most important thing! You should adjust the controls to become the quickest and the smartest player ever! Now after doing this you are ready for your first game! To play a game you have to select between rooms or create a new one by yourself! After spawning on the map you will have to move your dot and create a tail! If the enemy will crush into a wall or your tail you will win and get some points! The player with the most points will win the game!

Controls in the game Curvytron


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