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About the game

Dark Nova is an entirely new multiplayer 2D shooter game online. Fly into space and experience this kind of fantastic adventure using only your computer. You can join one of two teams; the red ones and the blue ones. They are totally different because one defend the gem and other try to steal it. You can also delete opponents without thinking about this roles. This strategy can conduct you and your gang to the victory. Cooperate and stay focused!

How to play in

Collect items after killed foes. If you join the game during the round you will have to watch players' struggles until it will end. Be careful, because your life is very valuable. When someone kills you, you became a spectator of the game. But do not worry it can help you find the best strategy for you. You do not need to kill the whole team, you approve oneself with flair by sneaking and stealing the gem quietly and precisely. Remember to buy new, more modern ships to equal the enemies'.

Controls in the game

Use H to open help menu.
Use WASD and mouse cursor to move.
Use Y to open shop.
Use F11 to turn on full-screen mode which makes playing this game more interesting and addictive.
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