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About the game Dominus2

Dominus2 is a new strategy multiplayer game! Have you ever wanted to be a king of the castle? Here you can! Build your own army! And manage your village! You have to decide wisely! Conquer the world by capturing other castles! It’s a real-time strategy! You don’t have time to wait, you need to fight! Show other players who is the Dominus! Get to the top and be the strongest player ever!

How to play in Dominus2

At first, you have to conquer any castle! Protect your villages because that’s your main income! It’s really important to have an income! Using the gold you can train your own army to conquer other players castles! You have to conquer as many castles as you can! More castles = more gold! Show them your power and your strategy! Use your army to build a village. A village will collect income for you automatically. To win you have to capture everyone’s castle! Get onto the top and become the Dominus!

Controls in the game Dominus2


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