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About the game is a free-for-all survival upgrade battle .io game! In which you will have to gather some materials to build your own new base and also search for the more powerful weapons! You can also craft them! Create or join a clan to team up with more players! Beware of other angry players and animals! Compared to similar survival .io games here you can also upgrade your character! Become the best warrior in the arena and fight for your life! Invite your friends to play with them or meet new players in this survival arena!

How to play in

Now your job is to survive! You have to do that as long as you can but here a lot of things are dangerous for you! Gather materials and search for more powerful weapons! Also, try to unlock better tools! Build your own base and create a clan to team up with other players! Beware of angry animals! Show off your skill and your resources managing! You have to play using many tactics! Try to develop new strategies and conquer the world! Become the best player and get onto the top of the leaderboard!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Gather/Attack - Left mouse button
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