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About the game is a new racing upgrade battle .io game! In which you can choose between 6 types of racers. Every racer is better for different situations! Adjust racer to your play style and become the king of the game! Every vehicle has a special ability that can help you in the race with other players! Destroy everyone! This game is really unique compared to other race .io games! This is a race battle! What are you waiting for? Invite your friends and play against them!

How to play in

The player that achieves 20 laps first will win the game! Each lap you will gain an upgrade point that you can spend on your racer! You will find four stats that you can upgrade: max health points, health points regen, movement speed, weapon damage! Develop a new strategy for yourself to beat other players! This is a race battle! Use your weapon and fight with other enemies while racing! Use boost to make yourself faster but keep an eye on the boost status!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Ability - Space
Boost - Left mouse button
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