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About the game is a new .io action game! It's based on last man standing game mode! Now you can show off your skills and strategy! Think fast and wisely. Here you have only one life so try not to die! You are in a maze full of other players that want to kill you! Beware of heavy balls and try to eliminate other players! Get onto the top of the leaderboard! Show who is the king!

How to play in

At first, you have to choose a game mode. Every game mode has their own difficulty! I recommend you to play on the beginner first. After selecting you will spawn In a big maze! You have to move quickly and find other players! Summon your heavy ball to flat other players. But be really careful. This big heavy ball can crush you too! You can also crush other player's balls using your own! Get to the top of the ranking and be the last one! Only one player can win! Maybe you are the winner? What are you waiting for? Go and fight!

Controls in the game

Moving – W, A, S, D
Summon ball - Space
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