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About the game is a new platform free-for-all fighting .io game! This world of this game is set on the planed named "Erth". You are an adventurer that has only one job! You have to become the strongest and powerful on erth! Play this game with players from all around the world and with your friends! Upgrade your character by slaying other mobs and players and get onto the top of the leaderboard!
What are you waiting for? Choose your class to grab the weapon and go for the fight for glory and fame!

How to play in

At first, you should get some experience! To do that you have to defeat monsters that you can find on the map! Beware of other players unless you get a level 15! At level 15 you will be able to choose a powerful class which will help you in the fight! If you want to gain more experience faster you should start the hunt for other players! Slay them to get their experience! Try to kill the best players in the leaderboard to gain as many experience as possible! Dominate the erth world and show who is the best!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Jump - Space
Aim - Mouse
Attack - Left mouse button
Stealth - Right mouse button
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