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About the game is a fast-paced multiplayer 2d boxing game with simplistic controls but hard to master. This IO game is targeting competitive players that are skilled and experienced.

How to play in

All players start with 5 health. Once you get hit you lose one and if you hit the other player you gain one health so aggressive playstyle is rewarded. There is a delay between each attack or dash in order to prevent spamming. The players without a mouse can play using the keyboard. The duration of the game can be from 2 minutes to 3 minutes depending on the players. There are unlimited number of rounds each harder than the last. If a player wins the round then the next round starts automatically. The main goal is to reach the maximum points. After the game ends the player is returned to main screen from where he can play again.

Controls in the game

- left click or q for attack

- right click or w for dodge/dash
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