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About the game is a new space free-for-all and team deathmatch arena .io game! Fly across the universe and search for many unique planets! Dominate your galaxy! Invite your family and friends to play against or with them! You can also spend a lot of time playing with strangers from all around the world! Try to become the strongest and the best one! To do that you will have to learn a lot! Use your onboard mounted weapon and show your enemies who is the boss now! Customize your ship and buy new one using credits that you can earn! Get onto the top of the leaderboard and try to survive as longest as you can!

How to play in

In the beginning, you will have a menu in which you can customize and buy a new ship! But to do that you will have to earn some credits! You can choose between 6 unique spaceships models! Each spaceship has its own statistics! Now after choosing your ship, you should create a nickname for yourself and then select the game mode! You can select between 2 game modes: FFA and TDM. After doing this click on the play button and you will be dropped into the battle! Use your onboard weapon and shoot other players in other to kill them! Collect materials to customize your ship's appearance! The more players you kill the more points you will earn and the higher you will be placed in the leaderboard!

Controls in the game

Thurst - W
Steering - A, D
Shoot - Left mouse button, Space
Switch weapons - Q
Look back - B
Chat - T
First-person view - P
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