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About the game is a new fast-paced agario-styled multiplayer free-for-all .io game! This game is hugely inspired by the popular .io game called! This game is really similar to other agario-styled .io games but this game is quicker and smoother! Play against players from all around the world and play against your friends! Become the biggest cell on the map and to do that eliminate everyone you will see! Show your enemies how good you are and dominate the leaderboard the more points you will gain the bigger your cell will be and the higher placed in the ranking you will be!

How to play in

At the start of the game, you can choose a nickname and skin for yourself! You can also choose between 8 modes! FFA, MEGASPLIT, BIG-FFA, INSTANT, SELF-FEED, CRAZY, MEGA-DUAL, ULTRA SPEED! Each game mode is different but the main rule to become the biggest cell is for each mode! You have to grow by eating colorful points that you can find on the map! Gain as many points as possible and kill everyone you see on the map! You can also create a clan or join existing one to get a clan tag! Survive as long as possible and become the best!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Quick respawn - N
Macro feed - E
Sixteen split - T
Double split - G
Stop - S
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