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About the game is a new jumping free-for-all arena .io game! In which you will be taking control of a small cute ball! Your job is to take over other players from all around the world by jumping! The more points you will gain the higher in the leaderboard you will be placed! Try to survive as long as you can and dominate other players! Show them who is the best! Remember that you have to be quick and sneaky in order to become the top one player! Get onto the top of the leaderboard!

How to play in

At the begging choose a name for your character and then if you are ready for the battle click on the play button! You can also use the ENTER key to start the game faster! Fight with other players and don't let them jump over you! You have to eliminate everyone and become the top player! Make a new strategy to outplay your enemies! You have to predict their moves! Enjoy the game and dominate the best players from all around the world!

Controls in the game

Moving - Left/Right arrow
Jump - Up arrow
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