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About the game is a new battle-royale fortnite-styled multiplayer shooter free-for-all .io game! In which you will be taking control of a strong and fast soldier! You will be spawned on a big island on which you will be fighting with players from all around the world! Compared to other similar battle-royale .io games here you can find unique mechanics and graphics! Become the best soldier ever! Get into the top and get as many kills as possible! Dominate other players and try to become the last one standing man on the map! You will have to prepare for the ultimate survival! This is your important battle ever!

How to play in

Wake up, soldier! There is no time for sleep! Put on your clothes and get into the plane! Your job is to jump out if you are ready and then you will have to find some equipment! Slam into this beautiful island and conquer with the best players from all around the world! At the beginning of the game, you should choose a unique username for yourself! After that click on the play button and you will be moved onto a big island! Your job now is to find some medic packs, armor, weapons, vehicles, and grenades! Become the last one standing player! Shoot other players using weapons to eliminate them! There could be only one winner so you have to better be quick!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Interact - F, E
Shoot - Left mouse button
Build mode - Q
Jump - Space
Reload - R
Map - M
Switch weapon - 1-6 Keys
Drop/move item in inventory - Mouse
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