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About the game is multiplayer 2d shooter game online. Meet players from all around the world and play with them. You have so many maps to choose. You can also play with three different game modes. Fight for your life and pride. Never give up! Show them who is the boss here and stay alive in the game. It is important to stay focused and do not let the enemies kill you.

How to play in

Welcome to the world! Pick the map and get in. You can play with a maximum of eight players. You can choose between three game modes. In the dead match, you fight against every player on the map. To win, you need to have the best score. In the team death match, there are two gangs. You can be in the red or the blue one. Remember to do not kill your teammates. To win your team have to get a better grade. Capture the flag is similar to the death match but here you need to steal enemies' flag to your own. Who has three captures as first wins.

Controls in the game

Use A/D to control your hero.
Use left mouse button to shoot.
Use right mouse button to throw a grapnel.
Click E to use a machine gun.
Find the weapon on the map and pick it up to reload it.
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