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About the game is a new free-for-all upgrade tower-defense .io game! This game is a real-time multiplayer action! Compared to other tower-defense .io games here you will have to fight with other players too! Craft new weapons and tools! Create your own base and secure your items! Defend from evil animals and other players! Invite your friends to play against them or play online against players from all around the world! You have to create your own biggest farm to gain as many points as possible! To do that gather some materials and start your adventure!

How to play in

At the start, you have to gather some wood and stone! With that, you will be able to build your new base! Build some traps and defenses using materials that you can get from trees, rocks and even by killing other players! For each action, you will get some experience! If you will reach a certain amount of experience you will level-up to the next level! Each level you will have to make a choice! You can get more powerful tools, weapons, traps, defenses! Get onto the top of the leaderboard by collecting points!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Aim - Mouse
Attack/Gather - Left mouse button
Select item - Keys 1-9
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