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About the game is a new upgrade survival free-for-all .io game! In which you are a little mouse at the start and you have to eat food to make your mouse bigger and stronger! This game is based on agario-styled .io games with some new features! Start your adventure and become the biggest and strongest in the world! Invite your friends to play against them and to show them how good you are! Rule the world by becoming the first in the leaderboard! What are you waiting for? Face your enemies!

How to play in

Okay so at first you will need to eat some food that you can find on the map! At first, you should eat some berries! For each berry eaten you will gain a certain amount of experience! With experience, you can level-up and on some levels, you will evolve to a different creature! You have to keep an eye on your water level! If your water is low you should drink something! Beware of bigger players and try to kill smaller ones! Destroy everyone and show off your skill!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
Sprint - Space
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