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About the game is a new first-person free-for-all shooter .io game! In which you have to fight with your opponents on a huge map! Find yourself a strategy and fight! Search for the weapons, food and even medical kits! Search for other noobs and kill them! Dominate the leaderboard by collecting as many points as you can! Invite your friends to play with them or play online with players from all around the globe!

How to play in

At the first create you own character, you can choose between 4 classes! Each class is better for different situations! The next step is to search for weapons, ammunition, health packs and food! Do not starve and survive as long as you can! Kill as many players as possible to get onto the top of the leaderboard! Show off your skills and show who is the king now!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Attack - Left mouse button
Pick-up item - F
Select item - Keys 1-5
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