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About the game

You do not need to go outside to enter the underwater world. In you start your adventure as a single fish. Then, you eat to gain a bigger army of fish to dominate the whole ocean. Attack other fish gangs to gain more score and eliminate some enemies. Find the best strategy for you. Beating some players that have beat you when you have been a little fish is such a satisfying experience!

How to play in

Like in other io games you start as a weak creature. Your army is growing by collecting score points. To do it, first, you have to eat food appearing on the map. When you will have a little bigger fish gang you can raid others. Remember to stay focused and avoid more prominent groups than yours, because they are a danger to you. Try to get a jellyfish to win a sweet bonus! Be the king of the water world!

Controls in the game

Use mouse's cursor to move.
Use the left mouse click to attack.
Use a right mouse click to merge your smaller fish into larger ones.
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