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About the game

From the creators of,,, and, is, a fun game where you spawn units, grow biggers, and fight against other players to reach the top of the leaderboard! A simple strategy game where there is only one rule: Kill or be killed. You can also play other special game modes, such as team, where you will be in a team with several other players. If you like strategy fighting games, I would recommend!

How to play in

In FFA, or Free For All, you are on your own. you will need to spawn as many units as possible, then select them all, and feed them to your queen, or regroup them to make them bigger, and feed the bigger ones to your queen or use as soldiers. Keep doing this until you are at least, I'd say, Level 15, then you should go out and look for some easy prey. Once you are big enough, you will start to get in some real fights, with other humongous players. In battle, last man standing wins.

Controls in the game

WASD - Move Camera
Right Click - After selecting the Oibs you wish to move, select where you want them to go.
1 - Spawn an Oib
2 - Regroup
3 - Split
4 - Feed Queen
5 - Heal
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