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About the game is an intense survival game like an arena. You will be stuck on a chart in this minimal clicker match that shrinks as the play continues. You'll have to look for products, arms, and other assets that you can use to protect yourself, to build precious fighting spots and articles. This game awards players who are strategically capable of planning and managing their resources well to build the things and barriers that they need. The match also awards participants who can believe and react to tactical challenges when they come. This is ultimately a survival game, so it is necessary to avoid assaults by other players and to make some of your assaults. You're obliged to create and then defy or protect obstacles and boundaries as warranted. is a hard sport but also a fair game that defies your ideas about what it implies to perform matches.

How to play in

More harm could be done by approaching him till you attack with weapons. You can also decide to behave in a defensive way by waiting to wait for the target to appear. You can rob everything he's got if you succeed in hunting down somebody. It's faster than boxing. Choose arms or use health packages
You may hide your body if you run into a bush, and avoid the eyes of others around. In addition, from that scenario, you could start a sudden attack. It's great when you didn't find weapons.

Controls in the game

Aim - Mouse
Attack - Left mouse button
Moving - W, A, S, D or Arrows
Reload - R
Pickup items - F
Choose item - 1-6 keys
Hands - X
Minimap - M
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