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About the game is a new multiplayer free-for-all hacking .io game! Comparing to other similar .io games here you can see how hackers work! Have you ever wanted to become a professional hacker and to hack everyone in the world? S0urce will give you an opportunity to do that! Here you can become the super-hacker that can hack everyone! Secure your own network and become the richest hacker in the world! To do that hack other players and buy miners for yourself! Protect your money and become the best player in the world! Get onto the top of the leaderboard by earning as much money as possible! Break down other player's systems and show them who you are!

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At the start of the game, you will have to hack some players in order to get more money. To do that simply select the target and then use the command prompt and commands to hack someone's money! The more powerful player you will hack the more money you can earn! With that money, you will be able to buy some miners for yourself and protect your network! This game has a unique concept and you will have to spend a lot of time to unlock everything! Upgrade your network and show your enemies who are the best hacker ever! Try to hack everyone and to get onto the top!

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