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About the game is a new ocean free-for-all shark battle arena .io game! In which you are in a big ocean taking control of a shark! Here you can find many types of them! Every respawn you will gain a new unique shark every shark is better for different situations! In the ocean, you can find other sharks and creatures! Eat them to gain as many points as you can! Comparing to other sharks .io games here you can show off your skills!

How to play in

This game is really simple this is a food-chain based game! Here you have to eat smaller creatures to get points! The more points you will get the more experience you will gain and the higher in the leaderboard you will be! With experience, you can level-up and upgrade your shark! Become the biggest and the most powerful! Dominate the ocean and other animals! Show who is the king! Beware of bigger players and survive as long as you can!

Controls in the game

Moving - Mouse
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