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About the game Snakes3D

Snakes3D is a new multiplayer free-for-all 3-D snake .io game! This game is a simple snake game! You may ask why this game is unique compared to other snake .io games. Well, the answer is clear! Here you can find a really beautiful 3-D graphic and a big map full of objects! Invite your friends and start the fight! Get onto the top of the leaderboard and dominate players from all around the world! Show off your skills and try to become the longest and the biggest snake in the world!

How to play in Snakes3D

At the beginning, you will have to select your own nickname, skin and the world! After that spawn on the map and fight with other real players from all around the world! I recommend you to become quick and sneaky in order to survive! You should eat some food at the start to grow your snake and if you are big enough you can try to outplay other players! Remember that even the smallest snake can kill you so you have to be really careful! Develop new strategies for yourself and try to become the best!

Controls in the game Snakes3D

Moving - Arrows

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