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About the game is a new space-themed free-for-all resource survival .io game! In which you will be taking control of an astronaut! Yes, you heard it right here you will be an astronaut! Have you ever dreamed to get yourself own planet! Here you can make your dreams come true! Challenge enemies from all around the world or invite your friends and family to play against them! The more kills and points you will earn the higher the score you will get! And with this score, you can get onto the top of the leaderboard to show your enemies how good you are! Defend yourself and survive as long as possible!

How to play in

In the beginning, you will be spawned on your own planet! Here you can build structures! Every structure will give you a bonus for your character or will defend the rest of the planet! You can also place some turrets to defend yourself! After doing this search for other players and fight with them! Steal their materials and destroy their bases! To build structures on your planet you will need some materials! And to get them you should gather them from other planets or steal it from other players!

Controls in the game

Fly - Left mouse button
Land - J
Heal - H
Shoot - Space
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