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About the game

Survive, or not to survive? This is the question! Here, the answer is pretty clear. To survive. Get though cold and hunger. You can only count for yourself. Craft and collect things to endure this. Make a bonfire to fight the cold and heat yourself. Make your garden by planting to feed yourself when you will be hungry. Try to find some diamonds or gold to be rich. Attack other players or get along with them to be in this together.

How to play in

First, you need to collect enough sticks and useful things to make a fire. Collect wood and stone! These are very important materials. Place your garden near to the fire and remember to take care of it. Make a sword to defend yourself from other players because they might be your opponents. To feel safer in this world you can make friends among others and make a survivors' team. Look for gold and diamonds to upgrade your tools.

Controls in the game

Use WASD or arrows to move.
Click left mouse button to collect things, make something or fight.
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