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About the game

Will you become the last player on the battlefield? Battle Royale like you have never seen before! Kill enemies and be last standing man. The most addicting battle royal IO game. You can play with friends by creating your own team! Also, from time to time there are awesome modes like 50 vs 50.

How to play in

Collect supplies, weapons, and ammunition. Kill others and survive. The last man standing wins. If your health is low then use medkits or bandages.

Controls in the game

Movement: W, A, S, D
Aim: Mouse
Melee/Shoot: Left-Click
Change Weapons: 1 through 4 or Scroll Wheel
Stow Weapons (Melee Mode): 3 or E
Swap to the Previous Weapon: Q
Switch Gun Slots: T or drag gun to other slots
Reload: R
Scope Zoom: Left-Click on Zoom
Pickup/Loot/Revive: F
Use Medical Item: Left-Click on Item or 7 through 0
Drop Item: Right-Click on Item
Cancel Action: X
View Map: M or G
Toggle Minimap: V
Use Team Ping Wheel: Hold C, then hold Right-Click and drag the mouse, then release Right-Click
Use Emote Wheel: Hold Right-Click and drag mouse, then release Right-Click
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