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About the game is an online game set in a 2-d world based on the popular game Battle it out in this action packed io game as you aim to become the biggest swarm and make it to the top.

How to play in

You start of as a small swarm of 2-3 tanks and grow by either riskily hunting others or by safely farming. Powerups are scattered around the map, each provides a powerful boost when used and can get you out of a dangerous spot. The golden zone is in the middle of the map, it is filled with lots of xp but beware for it is the home of the attack bots.

Controls in the game

To aim your swarm of tanks simply move your cursor.
AWSD or arrow keys to move.
A - Left
W - UP
D - Right
Enter - chat
E - use powerup
Left click/space bar - shoot
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