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About the game is a new fantasy-themed battle royale! Here you will be a magician! Fight with opponents or your players for life! Search for plenty of weapons on the map. There are also plenty of magical skills that you can use to win the game! Be the last survivor! This is a battle royale, only one player can win! Beat everyone and show them your power!

How to play in

In the beginning, you will be flying on the dragon! After you will see a spot that you want to land on just jump off the dragon! Once you landed your job is to survive! Search for the weapons on the map! You can open chests and doors using interact key. Get your armor and defend yourself! Be the last one! Kill everyone and win! Now it’s your time! Show them who is the king!

Controls in the game

Moving – W, A, S, D
Aim/look - Mouse
Attack – Left mouse button
Interact – E
Switch weapons – Keys 1-6 / mousewheel / click on the item
Drop item – drag and drop on floor
Jump off the dragon – Space
Use accessory – Space
Map – M
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