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War Nomad

About the game War Nomad

Welcome among War Nomads. In this browser MMORPG with open-world PvP you play as a stickman alien and constantly seek fights to improve your equipment, character, and especially your mouse-steered swordsmanship. Not only your level and armors matters but also how fast and precise can your swings be, and that will be determined by your real-life skill that grows along with your character.

In the future you can expect more planets to be added, and space-ship building so you will be able to travel to them.

How to play in War Nomad

After entering the game press I to open inventory and put sword on your left or right hand. You can control your hands with holding LMB and RMB.

Spread stat points, e.g. add points to quickness and fast arms for more damage from starter sword. After that u will be able to close window with C button.

The further from the base, the harder enemies. Try to find Homeless near base, theyre the weakest. Kill them and take their armor.

If you feel lost at some point, read instructions on the bottom of the screen, they cover the basics.

Controls in the game War Nomad

Character: C
Inventory: I
Picking Items: E
Running: WASD
Jumping: Space
Control Hands: Hold LMB/RMB (mouse buttons)
Control Camera: Hold Middle Mouse Button

War Nomad
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