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About the game is a new 3-D multiplayer shooter .io game! In which you will be taking control of a soldier that has only one job! To kill and survive as long as you can! Comparing to other shooters .io games here you can also play battle-royale in which you can steer trucks, tanks, and even helicopters! Invite your friends and play against players from all around the globe! Show off your skills and become the top one player! Get as many kills as you can but try not to die to have a better kill/death ratio! Kill everyone and purge the map from other competitors!

How to play in

Okay so at first I recommend you to create a new account to save your statistics and also to have an option to select a nickname! After that, you will be ready for the fight! Select between two game modes! The standard team shooter or play a new battle-royale game mode! In the team shooter, you will be play with other players against other players! And your job will be to kill as many players as you can! The team with the most points will win! But battle-royale is more complicated! Search for the weapons, ammunition, health packs and even more! And after this, you will be ready to survive! Try to become the last one standing in order to win!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button
Crouch - C
Jump - Space
Select weapon - 1-7 Keys
Zoom - Right mouse button
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