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What are io games?

.io games are simple multiplayer games, most often created by independent developers. The first game that started a series of io games is the iconic game - it achieved great success, played by millions of players. saw the world for the first time on April 27, 2015. Since then, hundreds of other io games have been created. On our site you will find most of them!
The most popular io games are among others:,,, It is worth remembering that each of the io game has its own unique idea, mechanics and style.
Below are descriptions of some popular io games: - The game is about growing your cell on a map full of other cells. The player can grow his cell by eating other smaller cells. This results in an increase in the mass and size of our cell, thanks to which we become more powerful. The game seems simple, but it is a lot of difficulties, which makes it one of the best games. - As in the previous game, the game is about growing your character, in this case: a worm. To increase length of your worm, you must eat balls from the map. The main advantage of this game is the ability to kill a larger players. To do this, we must stand in the way of the opponent. If the opponent hits us, he dies, and we can eat the balls that will remain after him. - This is a game based on the food chain. It involves the evolution of your character. Initially, we start playing as a fly. By leveling we evolve to better characters (e.g. mosquito, bird, dragon). The goal of the game is to evolve into the character of Grim Reaper. Each of the characters has their own skill that helps in getting experience points. It is worth mentioning that, like some io games, this one also has a large community of players. The community creates content to help new players. Link to the wiki of this game:

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