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About the game is a tower defense multiplayer game. You have to team up with other players to fight and prevent monsters from destroying the soldier's base. This is a real apocalypse full of monsters! Monsters become stronger every level! Be careful, think wisely and quickly and survive as long as you can!

How to play in

At the start, you will be spawned in a small house and the wave will start! You have to choose between two items to attack the monsters. Monster will attempt to destroy your main base. These two items are the Glock and the baseball bat. Melee weapons have area damage it is kind useful when enemies are close to each other. Use the gun to deal more damage at a long-range.
From killed monsters, you earn gold that you can spend on weapons and upgrades. Spend money wisely and carefully to survive to the end. There is also a boss every ten waves so team up with your friends and defeat him!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D or arrows
Use item - left mouse button
Shop - B
Hide your name - N
Mute music - M
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