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About the game is a new multiplayer agario-styled free-for-all .io game! In which you will be taking control of a small cell and your main job is to grow yourself to become the biggest on the map! This game is inspired by the agario-styled .io games! Compete with players from all around the world and show them how good you are! Try to get as many points as possible to get onto the top of the leaderboard! The more points you will collect the bigger and the higher in the leaderboard you will be placed! What are you waiting for? Collect the food and become the best player in the world!

How to play in

At the start of the game, you will be a small cell! And you have to move around this big map and collect points to grow yourself and to get the points! The more food you will collect the bigger you will be! You have to avoid the spiked cells because they will split you into pieces so you will be easily to eat! You can also eat other players if you are bigger than them to collect their points and to eliminate them from the game! Survive as long as you can and get as many points as possible! Show off your skills and develop new tactics to surprise your enemies!

Controls in the game

Throw - W
Split - Space
2x split - D
4x split - T
Throw minion - R
Split minion - E
Stop minion - S
Spectate fly - Q
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