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About the game

The same author which created made also Welcome to the world of creatures similar to cells. Lead your character to the first place at the leaderboard. You can eat natural food that appears on the map or other players to grow and take on some mass. Keep going and be number one. In this world where the black hole can even swallow you everything is possible. WARNING! This game can addict you! Join this extra game and play with people from all around the world.

How to play in

To be on the top of leaderboard you need to stay focused. Green guys will take your energy if you don't take care of it. is clear 2D physics. After some time spend on playing you will start to feel control of your shape. You need to figure out your own strategy and follow it all the time. You can wait for your enemies, meet them next to the wall or make them a little surprise between other players.

Controls in the game

mouse - moving
click to release your tail
click again to get it back
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