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About the game is another extremely addictive multiplayer game online. Be the survivor! Build walls to defence yourself and shoot to enemies to eliminate them. Upgrade your stuff and take it from the killed players. There are five different guns. Gray is ordinary, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. Try to survive and be the last who will stay on the map. Remember that you are not alone here and the foes are waiting for you right behind the corner!

How to play in

Upgrading our weapon can be very helpful in fighting. Shotguns are the most effective from a low distance. SMGs are very fast. The Scar and AR-15 are average weapons. The Scoped Assault Rifle is very fast and good from a medium distance. The Rifle has got only three shots but is very dangerous. Bolt has got only one shot but can be deadly. Remember to collect some useful things before entering the appropriate game. Always have some medicines and use them when you will be hurt. Be careful with the weather. Storm can be very dangerous.

Controls in the game

Use E/F to interact with ground items and chests.
Use the left mouse click to shoot.
Use a right mouse click to see enemies from a distance.
Use Q to turn the build mode on.
Use space to jump.
Use shift to run faster.
Use R to reload the weapon.
Use tab to view your inventory.
Use M to view the map.
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