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Across all vehicle games, is the best game ever. You drive and struggle for your existence in You've got to get out of it, smash it and take it off the edge of the arena until they do the exact same thing you. You are in command of a future spaceship vehicle that is your only offensive and armed defense gun against a multitude of saucer-like creatures. Think quickly and proceed quicker! You're the enemy and they're going to blow you up.

How to play in

Every moment you crush an adversary, in you develop bigger and stronger. You become a lot difficult to regulate when you expand in volume and mass. The auto-balancing system ensures that the victor is not determined by fortunate strikes. The changing magnitude and mass of his vessel can only be handled by a truly qualified gamer. The very scene where you are playing slowly begins to decrease in size as the game advances. A small warning is issued to let you know where the shrink starts and to navigate within a safety area, you are responsible to remain there until the shrink occurs.

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D or Arrows
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