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About the game BuzzyBees

BuzzyBees is a free for all competition game! In which you are a bee! Well, I bet that you always wanted to be a bee! Your job is to collect pollen to make hives! Be one of the best bees on the planet! Show other players who is the best! Now you are a king! Beat other players and have fun! Here you can show off your reflex and tactics.

How to play in BuzzyBees

At the start, you have to place your hive on the map. After you will place your hive you have to collect Pollen. With pollen, you can make honey and this will make your hive grow! Your job is to have the biggest and the strongest hive in the world! If you want to collect pollen you have to touch a flower. To return it to the hive just touch him.

Controls in the game BuzzyBees

Shoot - Left mouse button
Use item - Left mouse button
Shop - B
Teams - T

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