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About the game

Cats and dogs have been the biggest enemies for each other from ages. Now you can join this war too. Eat to gain mass and anlage the area of your type. Use your dangerous and very sharp claws to delete your enemies. You can also have offspring and raise them. Collect the gold. It can be useful to do shopping for some fancy things, upgrades or medical stuff. Enjoy!

How to play in

Your team will get the rocks and tree control points if you attack them. Remember that you need to control all the three points in territorial tringle to know what is exactly going on here. Vet points will help you with your health when you will get sick. The banks generate the gold for your squad. You can spend it on whatever you want in the shop place. Cooperate is the key to winning.

Controls in the game

Use WASD to move around the map.
Use your mouse to aim.
Use your left mouse button to attack the opponent.
Use your right mouse button to dush or poop.
Use spacebar to throw power-ups.
Use E to pick the breed or open the shop.
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