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About the game is a brand new shooter IO game! In which you are taking control of the battle helicopter! This is mayhem! And your job is to survive! Gain as many points as you can to get onto the top of the ranking! Dominate other players! Everyone is your enemy! This is total destruction! There is no time for mercy! Fight on the field for your honor and life! Show them who is the king of!

How to play in

At the start, you should destroy objects on the map! There are spawned randomly so search for them! You can find also drones or tanks that you can destroy to gain more points! You have to upgrade your helicopter to be the strongest one! For destroying objects or other players you will gain experience. Every one level you will gain one upgrade point that you can use to upgrade your helicopter! Every ten levels you will have an option to special upgrades your craft! Dominate other players and get to the top using many special abilities that you can earn!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Aim - Mouse or Arrows
Shoot - Left mouse button or arrow up
Special ability - Right mouse button or E
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