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About the game is a new multiplayer shooter io game! In which you have to be really skilled! Here you can have a lot of fun in this beautiful game! There are many shooter io games but this game is really unique! You are a little round man and your job is to pick up weapons and fight with other players! The best feature in this game is randomly generating maps! So each game the server will generate a new map full of lakes, rocks, forests, rivers, roads, houses, islands, and deserts! Get onto the top and show everyone your skills!

How to play in

In this game, you can find three unique game modes: battle royale, campaign, and match. In battle royale, you are starting with only a pistol and knife. In order to survive, you have to search for the weapons that are randomly spawned on the map. The best weapons will be hidden in boxes or cars! Shoot other players and be the last one alive! Campaign is a solo game in which you are leveling! Be prepared! Some levels are really hard so you have to be really skilled! In the match, your job is to fight as a team! There are two teams that fights with each other!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button
Aim - Mouse
Change weapon - E or A
Reload - R
Pick-up items - F
Shield - Space
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