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About the game

Enter world an enjoy time spent playing this awesome game. What you need to do here is to collect as many points as you can. Apples and diamonds randomly appear on the map. Pick them to gain experience (diamonds) and health (apples). Remember to protect your character from dangerous enemies. You can do it with different kinds of weapons like dynamite, arrows, sword, fireballs and many other. Kill opponents to score points and experience. After you beat the foe, collect his items like weapons or diamonds.

How to play in

Each new level gives you more mass and points which means that you are bigger but have better skills than others. When you are getting fat, you are also getting slower and become an easier target. You can also dress your personage in the game to give him extra protection. Different helmets, wooden, iron, gold, diamond and trolley are available within reach. Find the best strategy for you to win. Some people just blow up everyone, some do not. This is gonna be your decision!

Controls in the game

Use the mouse cursor to move your steve.
Use left mouse click to attack.
Use right mouse click to a fast booster.
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