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About the game

Curve fever is another very addicting and interesting io multiplayer game online. Enter this colourful world and stay here for the next hours. The point here is to survive on the map and try to not let anyone kill you. Seems easy but with limited moving skills can be harder. You can move only to right and left. Be perceptive, because some bonuses are randomly appearing on the map. Be the best and show everyone who governs here! Good luck!

How to play in

In this game your character is a line or snake, you can call it whatever you want. You always move in the circle but it is possible to turn right and left. You need to avoid hurting yourself by hitting in your body. Pay also attention to other players and their leads. The map is kind of small so it is not so simple. There can only appear six players because of its size. Think before use will use any power-up because you may not be ready for extra speed for example.

Controls in the game

Use right and left arrows to move.
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