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About the game DatTank.IO

DatTank.IO is a new tank .io multiplayer game! In which you can create your own tank using parts that you can buy with money! Improve your skills and collect coins to buy new parts! You can also unlock new cannons, hulls, armors, and engines! Dominate other players by destroying their bases! Claim the entire map! Search for health packs and ammo! And remember that you can die too! So you have to be really careful! Also, do not forget to prevent overheating of your cannon!

How to play in DatTank.IO

At the start create your tank using parts that you can buy in your garage! Upgrade your parts to make them stronger! After completing the build of your tank I recommend you to start the battle. On a map, you can find health packs and ammo! You have to be quick and sneaky! Destroy the enemy base and claim it! This is like capture-the-point! The more bases you will have claimed the more points you will earn! Get into the top and show other players who is the king!

Controls in the game DatTank.IO

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button

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