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About the game

You moved to the world after the apocalypse! Everything is starting to grow again here. Live in a state with nature, build your own house or bunker, make your own weapon and tools, light a fire and cook your own food. Stay tuned! Dangers are never asleep! You need to defend against this fierce and fearful world. You need to pay attention to people that are still alive! They are not your friends. Count on yourself.

How to play in

Make a hatchet to start by clicking on the crafting button in the top left corner - C. When you will finally get a higher level you can unlock new skills, possibilities, and things. Remember to collect more food and then you can make seeds from it to start your production. It will be beneficial because you wouldn't have to look for food when you will be hungry. Make yourself clothes or upgrade your guns or other things. Watch out for radiation and try to survive.

Controls in the game

arrow buttons or WASD - moving
left mouse button - hit
E - interaction
Shift - speeding
M - map
C - craft and skills.

If you expect a lag, pick lower quality by setting button in the left top stripe.
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