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About the game is a new unique drawings battle-royale free-for-all shooter .io game! In which you have to design your own character! Have you ever wanted to create something unique and beautiful? Here you can make your dreams come true! Grab the pencil and draw everything that you want! Your drawing will be your character in this battle royale .io games! I don't know any similar game between all .io games! This game is really unique and you can spend a lot of time drawing and fighting with players from all around the world or with your friends! Become the last one standing and win the game to show your enemies how good you are!

How to play in

At the start of the game, you should take a pencil and draw your character! It could be everything! I mean you can draw whatever you want but the best thing you can draw is a weapon! After doing this you will be spawned on a big map with other players and your job will be to fight with other players and survive as long as possible! You have to be always in a green zone and you need to beware of the red zone! Shoot with other players and use barriers on the map to hide from the shoots!

Controls in the game

Moving - W, A, S, D
Shoot - Left mouse button
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