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About the game is an old-school style browser MMORPG where you can train skills and improve your character to fight many different enemies, from bats, bandits, mummies and vampires, to be able to complete dangerous dungeons in search of riches.
Some dungeons may be easier if you team up with other players to clear it together.
Complete quests with other players for rewards across a huge open game world, that gets bigger with future updates.
Craft the items you find into progressively better ones as you level up your stats.
There are many location, items and creatures to discover, so exploration is essential.
The progress you make with your character can be saved and continued the next time you play by using it’s continue code (top right icon).

How to play in

At the start, you will be spawn into the main city of the world. Here there are various shops that will sell you basic items for the glory you gain from slaying creatures, gathering materials, crafting and completing tasks.
This city is a safe zone where other players can not damage you, but outside of the gates is open PvP, so be prepared for savages.

First, you will want to get some basic gathering tools to get the materials to make your first weapons and armour. Crafting is done at crafting stations, such as the furnace to create metal bars, the anvil to create metal weapons and tools, workbench to make clothes and ranged gear, and the laboratory to craft potions.

Next you should explore around the world, looking for exotic materials and dungeon entrances. A dungeon is a closed off part of the world with monsters inside, with a boss that must be defeated before you can escape.

Controls in the game

Move: WASD or arrow keys
Use/equip item: 1 to 0 number keys
Use equipped item: Left mouse click
Pick up item: E
Drop item: Shift + 1 to 0 number keys, or drag and drop.
Rearrange items: Drag and drop
Chat: Enter
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