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About the game

Welcome to the evades' world! Evades is a multiplayer, online, rogue-type game. Go on a fantastic journey through the ruthless world fulfil with dangers. Beware for enemies! But do not be scared, you will also meet many helpful friends and allies. Use superpowers like invisibility and teleportation. If you beat a world you can unlock a character which will be necessary to show other players who govern here. Remember: you have only one life. Do everything to get the unique gold crown!

How to play in

You have so many maps to explore. To reach them, use the light blue areas in area number one. Stellar square is made for fun. It is a tiny area when you can throw snowballs to your friends and freeze them. Remember to control your speed all the time by holding shift. Integrate with your team. You're all in this together now. Pay attention to the wall enemies. As first play in Central Core and Monumental Migration. To get the bronze crown you have to be in first 25 on top, to get the silver crown 10 and to win gold crown - 3. Crowns are award every Sunday at 4 PM EST. Good luck!

Controls in the game

W A S D - moving
X Y or J K - activating abilities
1 2 3 4 5 - upgrading energy, speed, abilities, regeneration
H - hiding character map
V - hiding chat
Enter - chat appearing.
M - hiding map
G - changing the map view
To slow down - hold shift
To unlock heroes you need to have an account.
Touch dead players to make them alive.
A blue bar above your head shows your energy.
To gain experience - pick up pellets.
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