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About the game is another io game which is now available for browsers! Play here with people from all around the world. Every week you can get special rewards from daily quests. Become a frog in the world full of other frogs just like you. There are many skins for you to look even move trendy! Invite your friends and compete against them making your own friends leaderboard! Move around the map and gain score!

How to play in

You can eat flies or smash other players to gain score. Remember that you are a frog so you have jumping skills. Find the best strategy for you. There are many of them, believe me. You can decide that you want to stay safe and eat flies all the time. Maybe you want to be a dangerous frog and attack every opponent? I advise you to not to stick to the edges of the map, but the middle is also dangerous so you can move between these two areas. Take a look sometimes to the small map in right corner, it can be very helpful.

Controls in the game

Use right or left mouse click to jump around the map, that's all!
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